additional services

for health and well-being

innovagenome is part of a group of companies controlled by nico innovagroup S.r.l., providing additional services for health
and well-being:


the new non-invasive prenatal diagnostics for the search for chromosomal abnormalities,
in your house


your analyzes, in one click
the quality of laboratory diagnostics,
in your house


your doctor, in one click
consultations and medical examinations
online, at home or in person

nutrinclick ™

your diet, in one click
nutritional and nutrigenomic consultancy
online or in person


laboratory service, in one click
laboratory service for
medical offices, public and private facilities

innovagenome S.r.l.
società con unico socio

società sottoposta a direzione e coordinamento
da parte di nico innovagroup S.r.l.

start-up costituita a norma  dell'art. 4 comma 10 bis D.L. 24 gennaio 2015, n. 3
iscritta nell'apposita sezione speciale in qualità' di start-up innovativa

P.IVA e C.F.: 04179840980
REA: BS BS 594677
Via Caleppe 6, 25125 Brescia, Italia

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