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the information contained in your DNA determines the color of your eyes, what you should eat to be fitter and healthier, the sport most appropriate for you, your response to certain medications, your risk of developing certain diseases, what you could do to optimize
your fitness and so much more

with nowgenome™ you can easily access this information just from a saliva sample, and thus start your journey towards a better knowledge of your characteristics and ways to improve
wellness, fitness, performance and health

you can choose the 11 available single reports, the wellness full package (5 reports), the health full package (4 reports)
o the well-being and health full package (9 reports)

or, you can build your report by choosing 5 to 20 traits or genes from those included in each of the nowgenome™ reports and selecting those of most interest for you

and for your child, you can choose between the 2 reports available

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