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genomesport ™ is the only line of advanced tests and solutions entirely dedicated to sport genomics

variants in genes (called SNPs) are part of what makes each of us unique and different from others; two decades of research and thousands of association studies have provided a detailed understanding of how these variants affect hundreds of traits and characteristics related to fitness, health and sports performance

now, using this knowledge, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) computational algorithms and scientific studies of the interaction between genes, genomesport™ is able to interpret how genes influence hundreds of traits associated with sports, fitness, nutrition and athletic performance, and provide personalized information

Unlike what happens for other tests on the market,
genomesport™ analyzes a large number of genes and variants (SNPs) and, thanks to proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, integrates the results of the genomic test with personal information, current situation, objectives, in order to provide non only an extremely accurate profile, but also indications and recommendations
highly personalized.

find the solution that best suits your needs!

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